lunedì 14 luglio 2008

Ihsahn - Will You Love Me Now?

[on air: prova a indovinare...] 

One great man was silent 
Of his superiority. 
He was openly flattered 
And hated silently. 

Another spoke of his will to aspire 
To create beyond himself 
And the self-inflicted impotent man 
Felt spat at by all ambition. 

The solitary pierced the skin of denial 
And the blood would colour the sky. 
A futile display to those whose heads 
Are always turned towards the ground. 

Into the mud 
Into the heart of emptiness 
Where they squirm 
Like wing-clipped flies. 

And the whining parasite man 
To whom pity and gloating are the same. 
This spineless parody of man 
Will devour even himself in secrecy. 

In secrecy. 

Will you love me now 
-you, whose feeling of dignity 
Is a matter of subtraction? 
Will you love me 
-now that I have revealed your un-nakedness? 
Will you love me now 
-you whose perception of justice 
Equals your will to corrupt? 
Will you love me 
-when I cut trough all the layers of your vanity? 
Will you love me now 
-you, who cling to a heart so fragile 
Even your gods must suffer for you? 
Could you love truth? 

Could you love truth 
Even in secrecy? 

And they gathered 
In their halls of justice 
Halls of mirrors 
Halls of echoes. 

And they gathered 
In their houses of worship 
Within the walls of the unspoken 
Sheltere from the rain.