lunedì 5 novembre 2007

some lyrics

[on air: Ihsahn - Will you love me now?] 

è aria di blog, ma la tranquillita (falsa e tensenziosa) che ci attanaglia non mi permette di andare oltre. Allora farò una cosa: metto un bel testo. 

ok è un testo, odio queste cose ma apputno per questo ne schiaffo giù uno. 

The Adversary.. uno dei migliori album del 2006, passato in sordina (ovviamente) 

Ihsahn - The Pain Is Still Mine 

The word is easy 
Dripping sweet and cocky from the tongue 
Vaguely describing the taste of blood. 

A distant cry arise 
From the fathomless well 
That is my soul. 
I can not hear the words 
So I throw my heart in 
Like a coin 
And wish that it would sink forever. 

A purpose, a sacrifice 
Or merely temptation? 
Is my solitude anything but a perversion 
Of my vanity? 

I never cared for this weak inclination 
This paranoid tendency 
To flock. 
And in between all the noise 
All the guilt 
A silence would carry my spirit away 
From diminishing obsessions. 
Away from fools and poisonous flies. 

The birth of a dreamer. 

Behold, an angel of vengeance 
A lion 
A sword of fire 
Alas, the burden of my heart 
Is violence undone 
Pain unfulfilled 

When I finally cut deep 
Into the flesh of guilt 
The un-naked body of shame 
And the veins of repentance 
Open wide 
Sending rivers of blood 
Into my mouth 
The pain is still mine. 

prima o poi ritornerò.

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